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    QEasy (Western Cape)

    We have researched, developed and used QEasy for more than 16 years on a DOS platform. In 2000 we began the conversion to a Windows-based platform. You can be sure that this system has been developed in a live environment, is based on practical experience and has been thoroughly tested. The Estimating service became part of the business from 2010.  Since then we have served many happy clients, who keep supporting us.  Among these clients are several builders across the country, several branches from the Buco group as well as other hardware stores and also several architects.

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    GM Quantity Surveyors (Western Cape)

    GM Quantity Surveyors is a Quantity Surveying Company which was established to manage the costs of construction projects from a Developer’s perspective. Having worked closely with Property Development Companies over the past few years, we have been able to develop a Cost Model which is tailor made for developments in all sectors of the building and construction industry. We also offer our services in the ‘private’ residential market as well.

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    McIntosh Consulting (Western Cape)

    Established in 2003, McIntosh Consulting has earned its place as a leading Professional Quantity Surveying and Arbitration practice with offices in Cape Town and Knysna's picturesque Garden Route in the Southern Cape. McIntosh Consulting has undertaken some of the most prestigious and high profile projects within the Knysna area and prides itself on its professionalism and superior service.


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    Abakali Quantity Surveyors (Western Cape)

    Abakali is a 100% black owned quantity surveying, construction consultancy and project management company which was formed in 2002.

    Abakali has grown into a proactive quantity surveying practice involved in various projects ranging from building to civil disciplines.

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    B&L Quantity Surveyors (Western Cape)

    Established in 1932 by Carl Borckenhagen, the success of this quantity surveying practice escalated to such an extent that 12 branch offices of Borckenhagen and Louw Inc. were opened throughout South Africa, with the Cape Town branch being established in 1955. In response to the changing nature of the construction industry and to ensure competitive and streamlined services, the various offices of Borckenhagen & Louw have now become autonomous units, with the name change to B&L Quantity Surveyors.

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    efqs (Western Cape)

    Ebrahim Fakier Quantity Surveyors is a South African privately owned professional quantity
    surveying practice. With the headquarters in the southern suburbs of the Cape, it remains firmly grounded and in touch with the pulse of the Cape Town building industry.

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