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    Vantage Point (Western Cape)

    Vantage Point offers a turnkey solution for companies moving to a new office space. Assisting them from the design to the completion of an office installation.

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    Giant Leap (Western Cape)

    Whatever your business, you want to create spaces that inspire people. Giant Leap is passionate about designing superior interiors that take you on a journey the minute you step inside. We share a passion for excellence in design, delivery, and finish, always using the finest materials, technology, logistics and people. We create better places to work, rest, play, be original, be comfortable, and above all, be inspired. This is the heart of Giant Leap.

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    Workspace Design (Gauteng)

    We are a team of business people working in the world of design who are passionate about creating functional working spaces. We pride ourselves on planning interiors, which place emphasis on maximum return on rental space, open the channels of communication and workflow between departments and employees and not to forget, create aesthetically pleasing interiors while we're at it.


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