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    Roof Store (Western Cape)

    Roofstore is a dynamic company specializing in design, construction and fitting of loft ladder, roof storage, roof windows, attics, lofts, vertical extensions, Dormer windows and TSRW skylights. By adding to your roof a Roof store or loft storage, you are not only increasing your storage space but also adding storage with ease. Roof Store specialists will work with you to come up with an idea / concept to solve your storage dilemma.

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    Lofts (Western Cape)

    Lofts specialises in converting the unused area of your roof into a valuable living area, providing the most economical and convenient way to create space. Adding a loft to your home also offers the best home improvement that you can make. Even when it might appear that building a loft is not possible, Lofts unique Dormer roof system allows us to extend your roof height and give you the loft living that you desire. Our loft building method is painless, safe and well-planned. A loft does not increase your environmental footprint and is over 95% recyclable.

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    Loft-E-Ladder (Western Cape)

    Welcome to Loft E Ladder, referred to by so many people in so many different ways such as Attic Ladder, Trapdoor Ladder,Folding Ladder, Loft Stairs, Ceiling Ladder, Roof Ladder, Extending Ladder, Sliding Stairs, Extension Staircase, but the terms of reference are of no real concern as long as you find the one and only LOFT E LADDER  which is superior to any other loft ladder available in South Africa.  Loft E Ladder is manufactured for Safety, Adjustability Durability and a Life Time Usage.

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