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    Eco Insulation (Western Cape)

    Why Eco Insulate? Insulate above the ceiling, under the floor or even inside the walls - to keep cool in summer, warm in winter and to save energy. This means less electricity or gas usage and therefore real savings in your pocket. Because Eco-Insulation resists the flow of heat, less heat will be lost from the home or office in winter and less heat will enter the building during summer. As a form of energy, heat always flows to a cooler area, escaping out of the building in the winter and entering the building during summer. Eco-Insulation creates an eco-friendly, fire-safe and non-toxic barrier that controls temperature all year round.

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    Thermguard (KwaZulu-Natal)

    With the installation of the latest machinery from the U.S.A. Thermguard is able to reduce the density of its insulation by 20%. This allows more air to be trapped between the fibres providing lighter, less expensive product with superior insulation values. Thermguard is made from recycled materials, and is 100% fire retardant, and insect and rodent resistant. These properties make Thermguard the perfect solution for your roofing insulation, ceiling insulation and general insulation requirements.


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    Isoboard (Western Cape)

    IsoBoard is a rigid board bulk thermal insulator, available in various thicknesses and lengths to meet most requirements. IsoBoard believe in being conservative when making claims as to the performance of our products, and testing these claims regularly through reputable agencies, such as the Board of Agre’ment.

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    Aerolite Cape (Western Cape)

    Think Pink Aerolite is Isover`s thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation solution that reduces the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment, offering a payback in less than 2 years with continued savings thereafter, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

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    Rigifoam (Western Cape)

    RIGIFOAM PTY (Ltd) was established on 2000 with Head Office located at 3 Detroit Street, Apex Ind, Benoni. We are already recognized in the industry as the leading manufacturer of high quality polyurethane products. Products include profiled polyurethane foam, 2 component urethane systems and LAMBDABOARD. The manufacturing process is composed of personnel with good skills. In 2009 we received our ISO 9001 accreditation with international company DQS.


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    Top Hat Insulation (Western Cape)

    Top Hat Insulation supply cellulose roof insulation to our customers, improving thermal comfort coupled with acoustic and energy efficiency benefits. Top Hat Insulation is a proudly South African brand, supplying SABS approved, loose fill cellulose insulation to homes and buildings. Top Hat is a green, recycled and low carbon footprint insulation product. The insulation is installed within hours without any fuss or mess and meets (and exceeds) all SABS testing. We supply our customers excellent service with a cost effective and energy efficient insulation solution to improve temperature extremities.

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