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    Cold Buster (Gauteng)

    COLDBUSTER Underfloor Heating is the smartest heating system around! It is clean, healthy, safe, efficient, responsive, completely invisible and can be installed directly under any type of flooring: tiles, carpet, wood or laminate. With its unique 1.3 mm thick heating element, Coldbuster Floor Heating is suitable for both new builds and retro-fitting existing homes and offices.

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    Pioneer Floor Heating (Gauteng)

    Pioneer can be trusted to offer a wide range of technologically advanced multi-strand elements which conform to the highest quality standards, a suitable and safe design for each application. All products distributed and installed by this fast growing business brand are serviced and backed up both nationally and internationally with stringent safety procedures at all levels of manufacturing and assembly stages.

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    Heatwaves (Western Cape)

    Heatwaves Underfloor Heating, established in 2001, is a reputable and respected supplier and installer of home underfloor heating solutions in Cape Town, South Africa. Our core business is under-floor heating which until recently has been viewed as costly and complex. It has however rapidly evolved into an elegant home comfort utility that is accepted as the most economical and effective method of heating your home.

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