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    Be Sure Doors (Western Cape)

    Be sure Doors manufacture burglar bars in a variety of pattern designs. All burglar bars are manufactured to be fixed directly onto the wall surround and not onto the window sub-frame to ensure a firm fixture with detachable head security screw to deter tampering to the fixtures. Expanding security gates can be made to fit windows where a retractable barrier is required.

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    Secura (Western Cape)

    We combine the robust safety aspects of our products with a relentless dedication to design, thereby unifying strength and elegance. Secure your home aesthetically. All our products are custom made, supplied in a powder coated finish and available in a wide range of colours. Materials proudly sourced in South Africa.

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    In-House Slamguard (Western Cape)

    In-House Slamguard specialises in the latest security systems, maximising your security systems and increasing the protection of your business or private property. We offer professional and good quality workmanship. Our products are suitable for Residential premises, Developments. A very economical way of securing your home. Aluminium Flat bar strips that is applied horizontally and riveted or screwed into your window frame (wooden or aluminium frames ). Epoxy coated in your chosen colour. Either secure only the opening window or the entire window.

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    Multisafe Security (Western Cape)

    MultiSafe Security offers a range of unique completely see-through security products that look aesthetically pleasing. We have the expertise and the products to turn your premises into an attractive 'safe haven'. Lexan® is the best and only real suitable high density polycarbonate to be used when it comes to making long lasting transparent burglar bars. Lexan® was invented in 1953 and is one of only two brands in the world that is certified to be used in the Aviation industry.

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    Thorne (Western Cape)

    Thorne Trusted Barrier Systems is the manufacturer and supplier of transparent security. We manufacture, supply and install InvisiBars™ transparent burglar bars, security gates and architectural safety films. Thorne Trusted Barrier Systems is the registered owner of the Trademarked InvisiBars™. We are a 100% black female-owned company.We are dedicated to finding attractive, durable and affordable barrier solutions, while guaranteeing excellent service and accessible personnel at all times. Our security solutions protect both your home and your view.

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    Prime Burglar Proofing (Western Cape)

    We have one Golden Rule when it comes to Burglar Bars. If it's not Framed, it's not Secure!Whether we are fitting your Bars to your Walls or to your Window Frames, the secret to a  Secure System is for the Bars to be made with a Full Frame which is then fixed to the surface This way, if an intruder applies any force to any part of the Burglar Bar, it will not give way because the force will be spread across the whole Bar and not focused on one fixing point In fact, a Fully-Framed Burglar fitted to your Window Frame is usually more Secure than an unframed bar fitted to your walls

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