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    Progrow (Western Cape)

    Progrow Solar is a division of Progrow Products (Pty) Ltd. Progrow's mission is to develop long-term sustainable green businesses. Progrow Solar focuses on residential and light commercial solar thermal (solar water heating) and solar photovoltaic (solar electricity) projects.

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    ITS Heat Pumps & SOlar (Western Cape)

    ITS Solar/ ITS Heat pumps are a professional manufacturer and international supplier of solar hot water systems and heat pump technologies.

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    Carbon Compact (Western Cape)

    Carbon Compact offers solar solutions for water heating and solar electricity with Eskom-approved solar geysers and Photovoltaic technologies respectively, throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape.

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    ExSolar (Western Cape)

    ExSolar (A division of The Exporter Cc.) is a company with a passion for quality and a commitment to our customers. For the past 15 years we have been distributing Motorola radio solutions and two-way radio products in Africa & the Middle East. Solar ‘high-site’ solutions have formed part of the radio systems in remote and critical locations.

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    Solatek (Western Cape)

    SolaTek - simply uses nature to its advantage. In the Solar panel, water is heated using solar energy collected from the sun. This process is not harmful to the environment in any way.

    For as long as there is sunlight, you will have hot water. It is a system that will allow you to have a constant supply of hot water; even during times of electricity blackouts.

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    SolarScreen (Western Cape)

    Only the best A-grade film is used to ensure quality and durability. More than 30 years of experience with “transparent roller shades” means that you get expert advice, the best quality as well as uncompromising workmanship. Made from Polyethylene Terephalate film, it is also known as Mylar which was first used on NASA space program to control solar penetration.

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