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    Four Seasons Roof WIndows (Western Cape)

    Four Seasons Roof Windows is a Cape Town based company started by Four Seasons Aluminium Products in 1991 in order to create ventilation in their conservatories. They saw an gap in the market for Aluminium Roof Windows and began to develop these to be suitable for all other roof applications.

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    Cape Skylights (Western Cape)

    Did you know that on average we, South Africans, enjoy about 250 days of sunshine per year? This is truly an under-appreciated blessing we take for granted. Since 1995 Cape Skylights has been helping increasing numbers of South Africans enjoy many more hours of sunlight inside their homes. This contributes to their health, increases their well-being and puts money back into their pocket by lowering their utility bills.

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    Sundowner Skylights (Western Cape)

    We have over 18 years’ experience making and installing skylights for domestic and industrial use. We’ve used the time to refine our manufacturing process to the point where we are so confident that each of our products comes with a 10-year guarantee. You can choose from three sizes (250mm, 320mm, and 450mm) to optimise the light in any room in your home or office.

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    Sunny SKylights (Western Cape)

    No matter where you live in the Western Cape, Sunny Skylights is the premier answer to letting our great light into all your living spaces in your home. We are working all over the Western Cape, and especially in Cape Town, and there is definetely something unique about the light we receive from above, and it makes us happy every day to see how the beautiful light transforms rooms into new, warm and inviting environments.

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    Lighthouse Skylights (Western Cape)

    We give clients a hassle-free skylight installation that includes fully guaranteed products and after sales service. We will advise you accurately which of our 3 models is suitable for your application. It is incorrect to state that each size will light up a specific area. ‘Click-twist-on and off’ grain-frosted diffusers are interchangeable with your ‘Sun-Bloc’ covers which are exchanged in 5 seconds. We concentrate on quality instead of quantity as we provide a superior product at an unbeatable price/quality ratio.


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    Eazyfit DIY Skylights (Western Cape)

    EaziFit Skylights uses top quality materials to provide an excellent product. We locally manufacture tubular skylights for the South African market. Our skylights are easy to install by any D.I.Y enthusiast or local handyman.

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