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    Irri Gator (Western Cape)

    Establised in 2003, Irri-Gator Products continues to serve the irrigation industry providing reliable solutions to the meet the irrigators needs with an emphasis on effeciency and simplicity. Our comprehensive product range beginning with our well established Gator hydraulic control valves and Gator radio controls, include several other products that bare witness to our focus on building a quality brand of affordable products.

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    WM Spilhaus (Western Cape)

    Spilhaus provides water supply & irrigation services. We have over 50 years of expertise in meeting all water distribution & irrigation needs.
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    Go Gardens (Western Cape)

    Since 2005 we have installed hundreds of new systems all over Cape Town. Go Gardens is driven by ambitious young men who are proud of every one of these systems they have installed. It is in our nature to provide a service that brings a smile to every clients face and therefor installing the Best products, Perfectly !

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    Secure Irrigation and Landscaping (Western Cape)

    Secure Irrigation & Landscaping is a recognized name in Cape Town since our first installation in 1993. We provide customers with gardens and irrigation systems to suit their needs and lifestyles.

    Secure Irrigation & Landscaping personnel are well trained and experienced in installation of the highest quality from leading manufacturers of irrigation systems and fertigation equipment.

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    Bernard Landscaping (Western Cape)

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. At Bernard Landscaping Cape Town we are passionate about outdoor living. When people think landscaping they tend to think of plants and colour, we agree that the beauty is of utmost importance but here at Bernard Landscaping Cape Town we like to take our design to the next level.

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    Irrigation Unlimited (Western Cape)

    Irrigation Unlimited is a service orientated wholesaler that distributes products to the South African markets through a network of agents. The company was established in 2003 as the marketing arm of Wahl Industries and is the sole distributor for 
    Wahl, Sime, Vyrsa, Premier  and Ocmis products for Sub-Sahara Africa.

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