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    Liquid Heat Pumps (Western Cape)

    Liquid Heat, is a Cape Town based Company, with its core focus on Sustainable Energy Solutions, initiatives and products. Our team comprises of forward-thinking and experienced individuals, involved in shaping environmental sustainability in South Africa. We are a direct extension of Vortex Plumbing, our sister company, who’s past experience with Green installations highlighted the need for a new division, Liquid Heat.

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    Go Green Heat Solutions (Western Cape)

    Go Green Heat Solutions is a company based in the Helderberg area that specializes in the fitting of heat pumps and various solar systems, all of which are guaranteed to reduce the consumption of electricity. The business has been operational for more than four years now and prides itself on offering the best after sales service in the industry. With the growing concern of increasing electricity tariffs many household owners and commercial business’ find themselves in great need of a means by which to reduce their electricity consumption.

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    HI Temp (Western Cape)

    Home Technologies Group was founded in year 2000. Glen Symes, and his son Dominic partnered to develop and manufacture an affordable Solar Pool Heating Panel. This was branded Hi Temp. Visions and dreams of containers washing ashore soon became a reality when we began to export our Hi Temp Solar Panels and import various other products that would inspire people and create a healthy living experience.


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