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    Rocket Trading (Western Cape)

    Rocket Trading is a leader in our chosen fields, demolishing, site clearing, rubble removal, bins and V bins for hire, building sand and stone, rental of bobcats with breaker, collection of scrap.Our success is due to our excellent compliment of management and staff, most that have had many years experience in these industries. Our Managing Member has over 15 years experience in these fields and we have a staff compliment of 40 members. Our fleet consist of 13 trucks, 4 vehicles and 4 bobcats

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    David Matthews (Western Cape)

    How do you spend the right amount of money to achieve the right quality of work? Simple. You select a contractor such as David Matthews, who has unquestionable ethics, who is proven to be a very reputable and who has an absolute commitment to working with all the major suppliers to achieve the best possible result, a contractor that will take responsibility for the quality of their work, a contractor that acknowledges the value of your time and has a supervision structure that minimises the time you need to spend overseeing the project.

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    Cape Climate Air Conditioning (Western Cape)

    Cape Climate is firmly rooted in a family tradition that has been a leader in the service industry of air conditioning for over 40 years. Today we continue that tradition. Providing exceptional air conditioning and heat pump services and solutions to clients in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our technicians are trained professionals who provide a complete solution at competitive prices- whether it's for a scheduled maintenance or the installation of a new air conditioning system or heat pump.

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    Artisitc Aluminuim (Western Cape)

    Artistic Aluminium covers all facets of aluminium and glass installations, taking on projects from big to small, not with a least bit of hesitation proved to be one of the “elite” names in the game. At Artistic Aluminium we specialise in different sectors from residential, corporate and retail offering our services across the entire Western Cape. We serve customers nationwide and are known throughout South Africa, and have become respected in our local business community by proudly serving Cape Town, customers with integrity and true customer service.

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    Stainless Steel Balustrades (Western Cape)

    As of July 2009, the patented balustrade systems were ready for broad marketing and Stainless Design began developing a network of installers in South Africa.We offer Stainless Steel Balustrade self locking systems that are easily assembled and installed and requires no welding or fabrication in either the assembly or installation processes. When we produce Stainless Steel Balustrades we utilize interference fit technology to create a modern aesthetic system that is rigid, robust and structurally sound.


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    Absolute Blasting (Western Cape)

    With over 15 years combined experience in the industry, Absolute Blasting has the expertise needed to provide the construction infrastructure and aggregate industry with the most sophisticated and advanced blasting methods. We strive to provide innovative and collaborative solutions to our client’s unique challenges.

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