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23rd Mar, 2019 128x  

Milnerton is trending

The latest trend in residential property is for young couples to buy less expensive homes which are in dire need of renovation and then gradually upgrade them while living there, says Dave Zieve, a senior agent of the Rawson Property Group’s Milnerton franchise.

“This practice has given Milnerton a popular image and today it is increasingly occupied by these young couples – usually with a combined monthly income in the region of R70 000 – who have young children, entertain regularly and they are enthusiastic participants in water sport and golf for which the area is now well known.

“Other attractions are the suburb’s proximity to Cape Town’s CBD and nearby shopping facilities.”

He says couples looking for homes in need of an upgrade often do so because they are reasonably inexpensive at around R1.9 million to R2.25m.

Read full article here: (SOURCE: SA PROPERTY NEWS)

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