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Construction on R310 near Stellenbosch almost complete

Over 14 000 motorists use the road every day. Traffic is already flowing freely, and a new set of traffic lights will be activated next week.
A dual carriageway has been built on a section between Vlaeberg and Vlottenberg. Vlaeberg Road has been realigned, and an access road to Lynedoch has been built.

Works also included road over rail bridges, river culverts and four cattle creeps. The Vlottenburg Road/ rail underpass and the Klein Welmoed rail underpass culverts will ease the flow of road traffic across the railway line.

Motorists will no longer have to wait for trains to pass. Rail commuters will also benefit because there will be fewer places where trains are required to slow down.  A new service road between Vlaeberg and Vlottenberg will be proclaimed as a provincial road after four level crossings along this route have been eliminated.

The Department of Transport and Public Works has created a significant number of employment opportunities through the project. These include R22,9 million on black economic empowerment (BEE) enterprises and R7,5 million (33 930 person days) on local labour from the Cape Winelands District.

In addition, a total of R135 000 was invested in accredited training.

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