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Philippi Village – a major catalyst for growth

The building is a transformation that was designed as a thesis project for a Masters in Sustainable Design by Cape Town architect, Philip Briel. Intended to provide a space where people come to work to find inspiration, the clever integration of the debris from the demolished factory into the walls of the new building offers a tangible example of the idea that new and lovely things can be created in broken and abandoned places.

This all started in the early 2000s when The Business Place Philippi became the owner of the old cement factory premises.

The Sustainability Institute at the University of Stellenbosch raised funding to partner The Business Place Philippi in conceptualising the project, which is intended to become a mixed-use development with light industry, housing, food gardens and even a hospital. The residential section and the gardens are planned down the line, but The Business Place Philippi has been operating since 2005 in a renovated smaller building on site where business support services could begin. The uptake has been significant, and more than 4 000 people have been through its doors, all receiving business development services of one sort or another.

Read the full article here (SOURCE: SA PROPERTY NEWS)


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